Message from the Rev. Secretary of the Ashrama & Mission

Secretary RKAM Dinajpur

    Dinajpur R.K. Mission and Ashrama was established in the year 1923. The first secretary of this Ashrama was Rev. Srimat Swami Pranatmanandaji Maharaj. After a long time this Ashrama served the men and women of North Bangladesh. In the year 2014 I was posted here as secretary of this Ashrama. I take the Srimad Bhagabat Gita classes and Dharmasevas in this area.

    At present we have 184 schools under Ramakrishna Grameen Siksha Prakalpa and 39 Private Ashramas. In Grameen School there are 6,879 students are given free coaching. Mainly Bengali, English and Mathematics are taught here and pranama Mantra of the Gods and the Goddess are taught here. Every month I visit to the private Ashramas and take the Gita classes.

    This Ashrama is blessed by the Holy foot touch of Rev. Srimat Swami Vijnanandaji Maharaj (Direct disciple of Sri Sri Thakur), Rev. Virajananda Maharaj (Disciple of Sri Ma Sarada Devi) and others. Rev. Srimat Swami Vijnanandaji Maharaj taught the Lord Shiva Puja to the girls of Saradeswari Girl’s School at Dinajpur Town.

    Revered Srimat Swami Amritatwanandaji Maharaj, the previous Secretary of this Ashrama, who served this Ashrama since 5th March,1976 to 30th July,2011. All the developments of this Ashrama was done by Rev. Srimat Swami Amritatwanandaji Maharaj. 

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Swami Ameyatmananda


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